Meet Our Staff


Jeff Hudelson

Senior Minister
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Jeff came to MPCC to serve as Senior Minister in August 2008 with his wife Julia and three children: Alicia, Mark and Savannah. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Johnson Bible College. Before coming to Bedford, he served as a Youth and Small Groups Minister in Franklin, TN and as a Senior Minister at First Christian Church in El Centro, CA. Jeff enjoys playing guitar, driving his Jeep, spending time with his family, can dunk on a seven foot nerf goal and stuff 27 grapes in his mouth!


A Message from Jeff:

Christian Churches consider themselves part of a Restoration Movement. We believe that we are helping to restore God’s Kingdom to this world. It’s about something deeper than worship styles or small groups… it is nothing less than creating a community where God’s will is done “on earth as it is in heaven.”

It can be pretty intimidating to think about! It’s a goal that is quite beyond us, so we strive to KNOW JESUS and His teaching. We make it our intention to LOVE EACH OTHER deeply as we are figuring everything out. And we will make Him know by SERVING THE WORLD around us.



Chris Austin

Youth Minister
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Chris came to MPCC on December 27, 2008 with his wife Ashley. They have since been blessed with their two sons, Grady Michael and Cohen Wade. Chris is originally from a suburb of Chicago and graduated from Lincoln Christian University with a BA in Youth. Before coming to MPCC, Chris served at Elkhart Christian Church as a part time Youth Minister. He has been in Youth Ministry for 7 years. He enjoys playing video games, is an avid Apple fan boy (Tech Geek), being outdoors doing something, and spending  time with his awesome family! He can touch his nose with his tongue, has never seen the Andy Griffith Show, and has never shot a gun.


Jim Valentine

Discipleship/Small Group Minister
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Jim and his family came to MPCC in 2007, and came on staff in 2011 to help MPCC grow deeper in their knowledge of Christ and how to serve Him best in the context of discipling and being discipled one-to-one and within other group dynamics.  Jim is a former state trooper, and a hometown boy except for a 2 ½ year stint in Florida.  He graduated from BNL High School, Indiana University, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the Indiana State Police Recruit Academy, and Masters International School of Divinity (we think he likes school).  He is married to the lovely Guyanne (16 yrs worth – woohoo!), and has 3 awesome kids.  Jim is a homeschool dad and enjoys sawing on his sawmill and building “stuff”, as well as various shooting sports.

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Julia Hudelson

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Julia has worked at MPCC in the office as secretary since March 2012.  She and Jeff have been married and working in ministry for 22 years, but she wants everyone to know that working in the office with her husband has been a lot of fun…well… most of the time..  She enjoys meeting new people and really likes visitors in the office.  Working with kids in every ministry has taught her not to take herself too seriously, because kids can really put you in your place.